Advanced Terms


Swipe is gesture of swiping the screen in any of the 4 directions, up,down,right and left.

Swiping causes you to move to nearest property in north,south,east and west direction respectively without any loss in coins .


Property is the primary item that players compete to own, it can help them gain bragging rights, over that property trap other players, gain rent and ultimately dominate the world.

Owner can tax players who come upon their property and also redeem sneak coins by foiling sneak attempts.

A player can only buy property it is standing on, a player can reach properties by swiping or teleporting

A property can be bought from the owner, cost of purchase depends on type of purchange:

  • Buy direct (Unbought properties,absolute proce)
  • Bidding  (Atleast 1.2x of the current price)
  • Grabbing (2x of the current price)
  • Sneaking (0.01x of the current price)
  • Hacking (0.1x of the current price)

Price of property is determined initally by it's foursquare check-ins, and can be rapidly changed with time by sneaking,bidding,grabbing and hacking attempts.

A property can be sold back to the game (government) any time, at 0.7 of it's current price.


Bidding is the primary process of capturing a property that is already bought, bidding amount has to be atleast 1.2x of the original amount, player can choose to reject or accept a bid proposal.

If a player fails to respond to bid request within 48 hours, the bid is deemed accepted.

A property increases it's price to the bid amount if bidding is successful.


Bind is the primary property, the safe house, by default this is the property that is detected to be geographically nearest to player's physical location, so a player can change his safe house by physically moving to a different location or buying properties and setting one of them as safe house.

Player can teleport to the safe house any time by binding without any loss in coins, also if a player loses all his coins at any place, she is teleported back to her bind.


Teleporting and swiping are 2 ways to reach new properties.

Teleporting is of 3 types:

  • Beaming (from other player's screen, costs nothing, takes to desired location)
  • Orbing (from anywhere, costs orbs, takes to desired location)
  • Whisping (from anywhere, costs few coins, takes to random location)


Coins are the primary currency of the game,

Coins can be gained by:

Coins can be lost by: